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Funko Fun! Add this place to your list of weekend day trip ideas.


Welcome to Funko!

You’ve seen them, you know those adorable pint sized figurines with the block heads and big black eyes of your favorite characters from pop culture. They’re the wildly popular and collectable Pop! figurine line from Funko featuring the licensed characters you love from Disney, Marvel, DC Comics and more. If your looking for a weekend day trip activity, a visit to this store is a fun time for all.

This past weekend while entertaining friends from Portland we headed north to visit the Funko store located at the companies headquarters in Everett, WA


Once you arrive to Funko’s downtown Everett location

There is no mistaking where the Funko store is, adorn with these larger then life replicas. Street parking was easy to find and readily available however, that my not always be the case. Store staff informed us that this was an unusually slow weekend. They said its not uncommon for there to be a line forming on the outside of the building. Even before entering the store I was hit with that childhood excitement of being in a theme park. I guess you might say this isn’t far from a theme park experience getting to pose with your favorite cartoon icons and shopping at an over the top gift shop.


Hogwarts Express!

Visiting the store is fun for both collectors and non collectors alike. As a non collector I found myself enjoying the over the top large store displays. They even have there own little Hogwarts with all of your friends from J.K. Rolling’s wizarding world. Just watch out for the dementor, yikes!


Disney Indeed!

Like I mentioned earlier visiting Funko’s store is not unlike a theme park. And in this case a very specific theme park with its very own princess castle. Disney merchandise is very prominently displayed. From the famous Disney princesses to todays favorites from Pixar. It was hard not to snap photos everywhere you looked. The attention to detail and theming was just as impressive and enjoyable as a visit to Disneyland itself. I was particularly fond of this cool Maleficent display with its scary yet adorable dragon ready to pounce.



In a galaxy far far away from the world of Star Wars

I loved spotting this Star War vignette with a glowing red Darth Vader. No doubt he was using the dark side of the force while overseeing this stormtropper fight for the empire. With inclusion of Marvel and Pixar it would be odd if the Disney owned Lucas Films characters weren’t represented.  Pop! figures have been popular in geek culture for many years. However, for even the non-geeks it will very tempting to purchase a few of these cute miniatures. Surrounding each display is a cabinet full of merchandise stacked high and ready to buy.


Build your own Pop! figure

If you are already a fan of Funko’s Pop! figures then maybe you’ll want to try your hand at building your own. Outside of the fun displays this workshop offers a unique experience only found here.

If you’re not the creative type don’t fear. There is a treasure trove of Pop! and other figurine lines to shop for. We found Sophia, Rose, Dorothy and Blanche of Golden Girls fame to purchase for a friend and a Godzilla for our son. You’ll also find a great prices in the headquarter store with most figures costing $10. So next time your not sure what to do on that open weekend and you have a few hours to kill check out this unique neighbor to our north!


a silver painted steal globe hanging from the acieling adorn with a bright pink Funko store logo

Funko’s address:


2802 Wetmore Avenue, Everett, WA 98201


For directions CLICK HERE




two terrified mens faces who apear to be fleaing from a Godzilla statue towering above them